Oh, she's awesome. She's really... really... really cool. She's VERY smart, and she's really precocious - and not precocious in a showy kind of way that sometimes kid actors can be - you can tell that she is very wise.

And wise beyond her years. And she [laughs] complains less than anybody [laughs] on the set… the adults tend to whine more than she does.

She's quite a trooper with a great attitude all of the time. She's really wonder and really pretty - she's going to be a stunner.



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17 Feb 2014 Blast from the past!

Hey guys! Sorry for the long time no update, both Sophie and I are really busy with our offline lives and do our best to kep the site up to date. Today I have a little treat for you all! As you might have noticed, I added an adorable old picture of Mackenzie modeling for the brand Garnet Hill back in 2006 into the gallery. She is so stinkin' cute!!! But, on top of that, I've also added screencaptures of two new behind the scenes videos of Mackenzie modeling for Guess Kids back in 2006 and 2007! Lovely blast from the past isn't it?? I hope you guys like it!

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10 Nov 2013 Happy birthday Mackenzie!!!

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday dear Mackenzie,
Happy birthday to you!

As a lot of you will know, today is THE special day of the year for our Mackenzie: it's her BIRTHDAY!! She now officially is the big 13 years old, a real teenager! We at Miss Mackenzie hope Mackenzie has a fabulous day surround by friends and family and filled with cake, presents and laughter!

We would also like to take a minute to thank every single person that has contributed to the birthday project! Sophie and I truely appreciate all the submissions and are sure Mackenzie will love them! Click the banner below to see them!

We are having trouble with the video messages, they will appear as soon as possible

UPDATE: The videos are up, click here to watch them! A big thank you goes out to my friend Juli for making the video! I would also like to point out that has made an adorable video too! Click here to watch theirs!

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01 Nov 2013 Twitter picture: Halloween

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a fabulous Halloween yesterday! Too bad they don't celebrate it in the Netherlands =( Of course, Mackenzie also celebrated Halloween, and tweeted about it! The adorable picture of Mackenzie in her awesome costume can be found in the gallery! Her eyes are such a pretty color!! How I wish I had eyes like that ^_^

PS, the birthday project closes in FOUR days!

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26 Oct 2013 Birthday Project 2013

Hey everyone! It's that time of year again! As many of you surely know, our Mackenzie will turn the big 13 this year!! Doesn't it seem like yesterday she was still a tiny 6-year-old?!

Ofcourse, it would be awesome if we could join forces and try to make Mackenzie's birthday extra special! As always, Miss Mackenzie is going to work hard on creating a lovely birthday project for Mackenzie. Do you want to contribute? Click the banner below to visit our Birthday Project Page and read how you can send in your submission. Let's try to get even more messages than last year! Wait no longer, and clickie click click the banner!

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24 Oct 2013 Pictures from Twitter

Hey everyone! I have a small update for you all today. As we told you a while ago, Mackenzie recently got a Twitter account and with a Twitter account come new Twitter pictures! I have added the three I could find so far into the gallery. One was tweeted by Danielle Parker and the other by Michael Sinterniklaa. Ofcourse Mackenzie's gorgeous profile picture definitely deserves a place in our gallery too, so I have added that one too! Stay tuned for more updates!

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